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Outcast Station is a game made for GameBoy. It will run on all-known Gameboy Hardware, and emulators.

In this visual novel survival adventure game you play as a man, cut off from reality, stranded in a station not of his own design. In mortal peril, there is only a short while before whatever is outside gets inside and changes the course of your - possibly - short life forever. Your objective - find a way to be rescued from this nightmare before it's too late! There are multiple endings with multiple possibilities for 'escape'.

D-Pad: Control the cursor to select options.
A-Button: Confirm selection, advance dialogue
SELECT + START + A + B: Reset game

Gameplay Tip: You cannot unwillingly open the main door by checking it, so don't be afraid to test it sometimes!


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Outcast Station (1.3.2).zip 119 kB

Development log


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  • If the game has time-based events/endings, you want some sort of visual about that.
  • An idea: When checking your watch, maybe show " i probably have XX more minutes until that door gives." 
  • When playing, i assumed that the TV area was just for show. Maybe there should be some dialogue hinting at it's usage. I'm still not sure of what that is.
  • other areas would be nice. 
  • Maybe adding side-tasks like "finding batteries for the radio" or "finding the key to the radio room",etc..

------------------- First Playthrough

  • the 'left' and 'right' options are inconsistent. it's left/right when at the door. when in the tv room and radio room, instead of right/left, it's 'hallway'. you probably want to be consistent.
  • the 'watch' option should maybe be 'check time'? The word 'watch' can be confused with meaning 'Observe' also.  Although I didn't find a purpose for it yet. If there isn't 
  • the 'exit' option should maybe be greyed out if you can't leave
  • the 'check' option should have better wording. maybe this should be specific per object/area?
  • Music might help set the atmosphere. Composing music for gbdk isn't the easiest, so maybe check out some music from here https://github.com/DeerTears/GB-Studio-Community-Assets
  • Maybe showing at the top of the screen where you are
  • Got stuck after going in the radio room - took me a bit to find the 'affirmative stand by or extraction' response. Maybe there should some sort of hint as to which station that happens on?
  • It would be nice to have a hint as to what to do next. 
  • A couple minutes later I think i stopped paying attention (i was writing these notes) and maybe accidentally tried to exit or check the door, and died. I'm not entirely sure what changed.... Is it time based?
  • A trivial aesthetic: making the cursor bob back n' forth.

------------------- Second Playthrough

  • Not sure how to get the radio response. The numbers cycle through, but i haven't seen it yet. Is it time based?

Tell me if there is anything you want me to elaborate on. Keep me updated if you make any significant changes, I'll replay for you.

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Thanks for the feedback! I took quite a few of your suggestions and  implemented some changes for the 1.1 version that fix some of the overall issues of player confusion with the game. There are some though that the player needs to discover for themselves, as the game is very small and the object for the player is to figure out how to escape, without too much hand-holding.

Nice. Reach out when you want me to try it out again. I understand it's a small game. TBH i should take on small projects like this too, they're great learning tools.  I like the idea though, Playing it has inspired me into wanting to make one too....eventually.