Version 2.0 : Updates & Bug fixes!

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that would cause dying enemies to go into negative hp instead. 
Fixed steel armor bug created that would cause game to crash.
Fixed enemy damage sometimes adding to health.
Fixed music/effect sounds from battle not stopping when battle over.
Fixed issue where if you backed out of using a single target Tactic and chose another option, you would still execute the original tactic.
Fixed issue where if your last move last battle was a tactic, selecting a regular arm attack as the first move in the next battle would execute the previously used tactic.
Fixed Invisible wall in town of Ayver.
Fixed Treasure chest in the Great North Cave crashing game.
Fixed ability to equip the Tin helmet in any slot.
Fixed Buying items from vendor not checking for inventory limit(possibly causing issues).

Additions & Changes
Added ability to use both Classic D-PAD USB controllers, and also controllers with analog sticks.
Added npcs "The Wire" terminals that help tell story scenes that were removed.
Added new npcs to all towns.
Added display selected tactic/arm when choosing enemy target in battle.
Added ceiling for player TP - 150 points.

Changed treasure in some areas.
Changed enemy groups in starting area.
Reduced HP of starting area monsters.
Changed graphics in overworld battle area.
Fixed line spacing for text in pause screen.
Lowered & randomized enemy encounter rate.
Removed window from intro story screens.


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Jul 04, 2020

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