Super Whoops & a possible re-imaging

I just released a major bugfix for Luminaire. Ater finally getting a tester, they showed me that the game would actually freeze after you exited the first room. Apparently this line of code that fixed a bug that had the exact same effect, when copied to another section, caused the exact same bug. I should have tested again before doing the actual release. 

Being a solo developer can just be frustrating. After the engine is all made and gameplay is working, nailing down timing bugs, trying to add or tweak small visual effects, and trying to hunt down unique possibilities that could lead to un-functionality can get tiresome. Working on the same issues over multiple consecutive days in 10 hours gauntlets, I just wanted to finish the project.  Well, rant over. Its not perfect, but its a functional final fantasy-esque rpg written by a single man using just barely any peer-written functions. 

But next...

The next release - Version 2 or 1.5 or whatever sounds fitting - will actually have a different playstyle. Using a battle style that in some ways duplicates the traditional "Dragon Warrior" 1st-person perspective. Changing from an active to a 'wait' battle system, and not using as many visual effects will not only make the code so much smoother, it will remove a lot of those aforementioned visual and timing bugs that are ever present in this versions final release.  I'm happy with how I made this version, but a new style will make it feel, look and play way more polished..and that will be huge from a players perspective.  

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Dec 29, 2019

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